Hypnotist Gary Roberts at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum

Gary Roberts Hypnotist & Comedian Magician Florida

Join America's favorite Hypnotist Gary Roberts on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum for a Hysterically Funny & Unpredictable Show. Through the power of suggestion, volunteers from the audience become hypnotized and become the stars of the show.

Show starts at 7:30 and ticket price is $22.00 and includes one beverage.

To reserve your seat, contact the Sarasota Classic Car Museum at:

(941) 355-6228  http://www.sarasotacarmuseum.org

Reserve early, limited seating

For questions about the show contact Gary Roberts.

[email protected] (941) 685-6403     www.GaryRobertsPresentations.com